Using a communication device in bed

Anyone that has ever tried to use a rolling computer mount in bed has probably been very frustrated by the experience. I personally was so frustrated with the alignment and calibration issues that I would almost never use it in bed. Then I was shown this by Jay Smith, I literally cannot recommend it enough. It is so easy to use my computer now. 


The mount is available on Amazon for 249.89. I must say that it is a little challenging to install, so if you are not the most handy, they do have an option to have it installed for a fee.

UPDATE: 03/28/2017

We had a question on what the mount looks like and how we attached the Tobii to it. Below are two images showing what we did. The mount is for a TV but it does have some holes that line up. But the mount is thinner than the one the Tobii comes with so we added washers to help stablize it.