Bobby goes to Trevor Noah! by Casey

 At the Wilbur Theater waiting for Trevor Noah

At the Wilbur Theater waiting for Trevor Noah

Every weekday morning Bobby wakes up and instantly spells out "trevor" with a big smile on his face. What he is telling us is that he wants to watch the Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Bobby loves Trevor's comedic banter and his presentation of the news and issues of today. He can't start his day without it. Well by some stroke of luck I secretly got him tickets to see Trevor Noah's End of Days Tour when it came to Boston.

Bobby was so excited with anticipation all day as we prepared to make the drive up to Boston yesterday. The Wilbur Theater staff was amazing and let us into the theater early so we wouldn't have to wait in the cold. The opening act was great, he read the audience so well that it almost felt like the people were planted for him. But when the music blasted and Trevor walked out on to stage Bobby's characteristic grin grew to blinding proportions. His eyes riveted on Trevor, I am not gonna lie I was starting to feel a little jealous of Bobby's obvious man crush. Last night we laughed so hard we had smiles frozen on our faces until about Bridgewater on the drive back. We left a sweatshirt and card with a stage manager and hope it reaches to Trevor! Thank you for such an amazing belly laughing night!


We are moving!



Bobby and Casey have found a handicap accessible home in Middletown that fits all of their needs! It already has a ramp and roll-in shower and is also double the size of their current rental. They have been looking for a new home for over a year and are extremely excited for this more accessible home!

Happy Anniversary Bobby and Casey!!!!!

Two years ago today, Bobby and Casey decided to cement a bond that was already strong. It's hard to believe it's already been two years since these two tied the knot! For those who had the honor and privilege to be present for that day, it was truly remarkable and unforgettable. Never has there been a more perfect union. Here is to many more years!!! Here are a few pictures of the day and a video of a time old tradition of the second line done in Newport. True to form, New Orleans is never far from their hearts. Special thanks to the Stooges Brass Band!

Bobby and Casey Second Line

The ALS TDI Tri-State Bike Ride

It's that time again! Team Bobby Bicycles is about to lace it up for the ALS TDI Tri-State Bike Ride, There are three days left to the race and this will be the 3rd time team Bobby Will be participating. Here is a small blurb about the GoFundMe Page where you can donate and support a great cause. The Tri-State Bike ride raises much needed funds for the ALS community and each team can ride for an individual. Spread the Word!


He iscalled "Bobby Bicycles" for a reason...and that is because for most of his adult life, Bobby Forster would spend his days riding on wheels. Whether it was operating a pedicab (bike taxi) in New Orleans, long boarding in his hometown of Beverly, MA, or just beach cruising with friends in Newport, RI, Bobby was always moving.

Bobby Forster (sitting front, center in cover photo) is now 28-years-old and is living with ALS, a neurological disease that causes the neurons that control voluntary muscles to degenerate. Bobby, who was diagnosed in 2014, is completely restricted to a wheelchair and has lost most of his physical functional abilities.

A group of Bobby's friends and family now comprise Team #WhatAboutBobby and we are participating in the TriState Trek 2017 for ALS research. We will be riding 270 miles from BOSTON TO NEW YORK on the weekend of June 23-25, 2017 in an effort to CURE ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease).

Bobby, a Beverly, MA native currently lives with his wife Casey in Newport, RI. The TriState Trek 2017 stands to benefit them and the ALS Therapy Development Institute (or ALS TDI) which is pioneering the treatments that may lead to a cure to the terrible disease.

“I’m lucky. I still have a lot of good times ahead of me,” says Bobby. “Live your life to the fullest. Do whatever you want to do each day and make each day count. But still, hold onto hope. There are a lot of incredible people working on research and working on the disease and a cure is coming.”

Please donate whatever you can and support Bobby's Team as we help fund research to cure ALS!