Fuck you ALS! You got nothing on my wife!

Holy shit! Last night got really scary. I wear a mouth guard at night because my jaw is so spastic that I end up biting my cheeks, lips and tongue if I don't. Well last night I had a coughing fit with it in and ended up swallowing it. Well swallowing it enough to get lodged in my throat and block my airway. I couldn't get it back up or down for probably two minutes and was on the verge of passing out and dying when my wife miraculously hit my back at the same time I pushed as hard as I could to get it out. We spent the next hour holding each other , covered in blood, tears and saliva.  

I felt awful afterwards, not because I almost died but because of the terror I put Casey through. I couldn't let myself die and Casey sure as hell wasn't going to let me. I have never been more afraid in my life. I sure am thankful for my wife and I am not going to let this fucking disease kill me. 


Bobby and Casey 1 ALS 0