In May of 2015 Kevin Gosnell, 47-year-old husband, father of three and small business owner, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of ALS. After realizing there was no cure, and little that doctors could do to even treat his devastating condition, Kevin made a brave decision. To dig deeper. Ask questions. And use the resources, team building skills and relationships he had cultivated as a small business owner to create a new business. One committed to bringing the best doctors, researchers, and care practitioners together. To raising funds to fuel their efforts. And in the end, to finding a cure for ALS.

ALS Therapy Development Institute

We are the world's foremost drug discovery center focused solely on ALS. As a nonprofit biotech we operate without regard to profit motive or politics. Led by people with ALS and drug development experts, we are funded by a global network of supporters unified to ending ALS in our lifetime. The ALS Therapy Development Institute is our Cambridge, MA-based laboratory space, 100% dedicated to innovative ALS research. It is funded by our global community.

Compassionate Care ALS

Compassionate Care ALS is a non-profit organization with a mission to support people diagnosed with ALS, their families and communities as they navigate the complexities, both physical and emotional, associated with the disease. The organization provides resources including equipment, educational workshops, Medicare/Medicaid assistance, guidance and awareness in living with ALS, caregiving, and end-of-life issues.


When life hands you lemons, you're supposed to  make lemonade. But Arthur Cohen felt pickles were more his thing. Plus, he already had an awesome recipe. Over the years, his flavorful, garlicky pickles had become an obsession among his family, friends and neighbors. So when Arthur was diagnosed with ALS in 2014,  selling his Pickals to raise money for an ALS cure seemed natural.

Our goal is to create a sustainable funding source for ALS research through the sale of Pickals.  Pickals will be available nationwide in retail food markets.  Customers will buy this gourmet product and understand that profits go directly to find a cure for ALS.  Pickals will come to symbolize the fight to BEAT ALS just as the pink ribbon symbolizes the fight to beat breast cancer!

Team Gleason

The Gleason Initiative Foundation is a charitable 501c3 non-profit corporation with the mission to:

  • Help provide individuals with neuromuscular diseases or injuries with leading edge technology, equipment and services. Steve and Team Gleason recently opened the Team Gleason House for Innovative Living in New Orleans. It is only the 2nd of its kind in the world. The residence is equipped with the latest computer-operated technology to allow individuals with ALS the highest level of independence possible.
  • To create a global conversation about ALS to ultimately find solutions and an end to the disease. As an example Team Gleason hosted a summit in 2013 in New Orleans that included world leaders in ALS research and cutting edge technological developers. We believe it sparked a new global conversation around solutions to ALS across the medical and technology boundaries. The result of the Summit was the largest single collaborative research effort in the history of ALS, Answer ALS.
  • To raise public awareness toward ALS by providing and documenting extraordinary life adventures for individuals with muscular diseases or injuries. As avid adventurers, Steve and Michel wanted to continue pursuing life adventures for themselves despite Steve’s diagnosis and found that many people with ALS were choosing to accept their assumed limitations. Through Steve and Michel’s inspiration and tireless work, Team Gleason has helped hundreds of people with ALS experience adventures they never thought possible after their diagnosis.