Bob is many things to many people.

Here is Bob described in the words of those that know and love him best. 

“Hello everyone, we may all be familiar with ALS thanks to the ice bucket challenge. But many of you may not know Bobby. For the unfortunate ones that have yet to meet him; let me paint you a picture....

Imagine a brave older brother that always has your back, even if you're outnumbered 10 to 1. A big brother that won't ever tell any of your secrets to anyone. An older brother, so selfless , that he gave you money for a graduation gown so you can walk in your college procession (without you even asking). An older brother that gives advice, good advice, advice wise beyond his years. A brother that only wants to see you succeed.

Now picture a younger brother, someone that is always there to go on an adventure with you, or that tries to drag you on an adventure. Picture a brother that is always positive even when times seem tough. A brother that will ask for your advice, and really listen to what you have to say. A brother that makes you believe in yourself- because he believes in you, regardless of naysayers. I have two sisters that share the same last name as me..but I also am privileged enough to have an amazing brother.

My brother, Bobby Forster has ALS. He is not a number. He is an amazing human, with an extra large heart ; bearing an extra large cross. Please help support his journey in any way possible. God bless you, and God bless the people that have helped shape you into who you are today.” – Sam Stimpson

“Bobby Forster, a 2011 Salve Regina University alumni, avid sailor, surfer, and enthusiastic Newport Pedicab and Coaster Pedicab guru. Bobby is one of the coolest and most active guys around town, in our humble opinion. Bobby has recently been diagnosed with ALS, while many of us try to comprehend how something like this could happen to the nicest and most active guys we know, we don’t have time to sit and ponder. Bobby needs our help, he needs your help. The time is now Newport for the community to come together and do what we do best, that is to help one of our own.” – Ryan Belmore

“I have to use the Facebook platform to bring attention to the challenge that faces one of my closest friends, a brother that I hold dear to my heart. My sole purpose for returning to facebook is to bring attention to the struggle that awaits my dear friend Bobby Forster and in some way, shape or form figure out how WE can help him. Bobby was diagnosed Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease. It's a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. There is no actual cure to it as we speak, but there is excellent research that is happening to help find said cure. With YOUR help, we can come closer to making sure that Bobby can find the right treatment and that we can find a way to the countless amount of people that are affected by this disease. I have known Bobby for 7 years, he has been there for me countless amount of times. It's my turn to return the favor, and he needs me, he needs you! He has an uphill battle, and we need to be the soldiers at his side.” – Edwin Murenzi Mutanguha

“To all my friends and family. Bobby, Page and Bonnie are our family. His whole family is our family. Please help spread the word to continue to raise awareness and let's defeat this horrible disease! Thank you to everyone who has already helped through the incredible strength and vision of the Frates family and team Frate Train, and everyone who can send out positive vibrations. Bobby Strong!” – Paula Borsetti