Tips and Tricks : Communication

Bobby has already written about our "Alphabet Game" for when he is not in front of his communication devices, you can read about it here. For a lot of people it can be hard or very tiring to for both the pAL and caregiver to figure out what is needed. I made up these categorized cheat sheets for Bobby and his caregivers or if/when he is in the hospital. I keep them in his care binder. I made them with Word.

Get Loud!

For those that are using a Microsoft surface as their communication device you know that the internal speakers are not very loud. This can be a dangerous thing if you're in a loud place and need to grab someone's attention. For that reason, I highly recommend getting a portable Bluetooth speaker. There are tons of different options  out there. I personally have a Bose Sound Link and it is awesome for my needs. Plus you'll get to be a rolling dance party wherever you go! 

Using a communication device in bed

Anyone that has ever tried to use a rolling computer mount in bed has probably been very frustrated by the experience. I personally was so frustrated with the alignment and calibration issues that I would almost never use it in bed. Then I was shown this by Jay Smith, I literally cannot recommend it enough. It is so easy to use my computer now. 


The mount is available on Amazon for 249.89. I must say that it is a little challenging to install, so if you are not the most handy, they do have an option to have it installed for a fee.

UPDATE: 03/28/2017

We had a question on what the mount looks like and how we attached the Tobii to it. Below are two images showing what we did. The mount is for a TV but it does have some holes that line up. But the mount is thinner than the one the Tobii comes with so we added washers to help stablize it.

Simple Communication Trick!

For a little over a year now I have not been able to speak. I typically use an eye gaze device, however there are many times for whatever reason that I am unable to use this device. When that happens, I play the alphabet game to communicate. It is a very simple way to communicate. We have a small white board on my chair. It has this table taped on it. 







So this is how it works. The entire alphabet is divided into subsections by the vowels. When we get to the set of letters that I want, I blink. Then we go through the subsections letters until I blink at the letter that I want. We then write that down on a white board I keep near my chair and repeat the process.