Bobo Fofo and Casey Return to The Big Easy!

For those who know Bobby and Casey, you know that the town of New Orleans Louisiana holds a special place in their hearts. Bobby has been known to drive from RI to NOLA in one day basically back and forth just so that he could get a taste of the Big Easy. He also took his pedi-cabbing exploits down to New Orleans growing his family from New England all the way down to the Bayou! However, NOLA is special for yet another reason, this is the place Bobby got down on one knee and asked Casey to be his loving wife forever cementing a relationship built on love, trust and genuine admiration. For those of us who have been fortunate to see them grow around each other, we have been blessed and been in awe of what true love means. 

Due to Bobby's complications with ALS and the progression of his symptoms, the lovely couple has not been able to visit their second home for over a year. The last time they were there was April 2016. However! Thanks to a new shiny van and Bobby's improved health and an awesome team of caretakers and donations, the awesome couple was able to spend June 3rd to 10th in this place that holds a special place in their hearts. Here are a few pictures of their time down there. Thank you to everyone that made this possible.

Who Dat?!!!

Taking in some live music!

Bobby and Casey Take On NOLA