2018 recap

Happy New Year! It's been a while since we updated everyone on what Bobby's been doing so I wanted to do a little recap of all the good stuff that has happened this year! 
In March we had the 4th annual Beers for Bobby at O'Briens in Newport. We had a great turnout and plan on having the 5th annual  Beers for Bobby on February 23rd. Hope to see you all there!! 
In April, the amazing people at Newport Storm crafted another specialty brew for Bobby and we held a launch party at the brewery. The brew was a double IPA aged in whiskey barrells. It was distributed to various liquor stores in RI and PA. 
This summer, Team What About Bobby rode in the ALS TDI tri-state trek for the 4th year in a row. This year was especially exceptional thanks to Bobby's friend Leo who created a bike using a pedicab frame and a special seat donated by the late David Leys, a fellow PALS. For the first time since his ALS diagnosis, Bobby was able to get back on a bike and ride with his friends. He rode the last mile of the trek with his team surrounding him, the smile never left his face.  Not only did the team nearly double in size, they were awarded the Forster Saling Spirit and Inspiration Award and raised close to $50,000 for ALS TDI. Later this year we found out that ALS TDI was starting their first clinical trial in humans for a new drug that was developed with the money that was raised!! A huge thank you to all that have donated and continue to donate to ALS TDI. With your help we can, we will, find a cure.

Throughout the summer and fall, we went on bike rides as much as we could. We went to Brenton Point State Park for the kite festival with a crew of people and it was awesome! Once the weather gets warmer, we’ll be back on the bike as much as possible.
In July, Bobby got his hot pepper tattoo from the one and only, Alycat Sunshine. Patty Haberstroh, a fellow PALS started the hot pepper challenge to promote and fund ALS research. Bobby wanted to participate but since he can no longer eat food by mouth, he was inspired by Aly to get a tattoo of a pepper after she gave herself a hot pepper tattoo in response to the challenge! The shit eating grin never left his face as he was getting that tattoo so it was no surprise when the following month he decided to get another tattoo, this time he decided he wanted to get "Love Life" and "Be Positive". After a bit of collaboration with Aly, we came up with the design and he decided he wanted to put it on his left hand as a daily reminder.

In August, we made a trip up to Boston, we went to a Red Sox vs Yankees game with Aly and Leo and watched the Red Sox kick some Yankee ass! The following night, we went to see Trombone Shorty perform at the Blue Hills Pavilion with his mom and sister. It was amazing! There were a ton of great bands. At the end of the concert they did a second line through the crowd and stopped briefly in front of us to give us a little show!

In September, we went to Reggaefest at Bold Point Park in East Providence to see Ziggy Marley, Steel Pulse and other reggae bands perform. It was a bit of a spontaneous decision but we pulled it off and had so much fun!

In October, we did a sunset pirate themed sail in the Newport Harbor. A special thanks to Leo for organizing, the crew of the Aurora Schooner for donating their time and Dr. Gasp for performing some cool and spooky tunes for us! Everyone dressed in pirate attire, drank beer had a great time and there may have been a butt cannon or two. Even though it was a bit chilly, the sunset was amazing and a great time was had by all!

In December we made a trip up to Boston with a few PALS and a bunch of friends to see the slutcracker! If you’ve never heard of the slutcracker, imagine the nutcracker but sluttier 😜. It is a burlesque version of the nutcracker and it was awesome!! This was their 10th year performing and Bobby’s 3rd time seeing it.

Thanksgiving and Christmas were wonderful, with family and friends coming to visit. This year has been filled with ups and downs, there have been many challenges but with the love and support of friends, family and complete strangers, Bobby is still living his best life despite his circumstance. He has remained healthy and out of the hospital. He is looking forward to great 2019. We have a few fundraisers planned for the first half of the year including the 5th annual Beers for Bobby at O’Briens in Newport on February 23rd, a polar plunge on St. Patrick’s day and many more still in the works so stay tuned. This year also marks a huge milestone for Bobby as he will be turning the big 3-0 on St Patrick’s day! We will be celebrating all weekend (maybe even all month) long so come join us!!

Hope everyone had a great 2018! Here’s to an even better 2019!!